In October, City of Tacoma announced that Tacoma Public Library would face a 7.5% reduction in their 2021/2022 budget totally 2.2 million dollars.  This cut would result in a lose of 22 union membe

There is still time to register vote.  Please find the information from Pierce County

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Pursuant to Governor Inslee’s directive, the state continues to be in shut-down mode. 

First and foremost, we are working to make sure everyone is working in a safe environment. A majority of our membership is working from home.

To date statewide we are getting concerns from employers about the loss of sales tax revenue and other sources such as gas tax revenue. To be up front we are in discussion with a dozen or so employers across the state who are now insisting on days off without pay and some layoffs. 

We have added a new bargaining unit to Local 120 in 2019 and must do a constitutional adjustment to include the new unit.  We are also proposing changes to how Local 120 may be allowed to conduct meetings to include the use of remote meetings and emails.  The changes to the meeting provisions would be inline with AFSCME's International Constitution.