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Local 120 President Announces Retirement

Local 120 President Announces Retirement

May 31, 2012
After 30 years of employment with the City of Tacoma, Local 120 President John Ohlson announced his retirement recently, effective June 1, 2012.

Elected to the office in 2002, John has guided Local 120 through some challenging times for our Union over the past 10 years, including layoffs, the economic downturn in the midst of negotiating the class & comp wage adjustments, weathering through two multi-year contract negotiations, and growing the Union by organizing 35 new members over the past two years.

With the two recent organizing victories for the Broadband Technicians and Business Analysts behind us, John leaves the leadership of the City bargaining Unit in good hands. A new Policy Chair and a robust Shop Steward corps will help lend support to the new Policy Chair and ensure that the hard fought rights of our newest members will be protected.

John also served on the Executive Board of the Washington State Council of County and City Employees, and was Cha... Read More

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