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AFSCME is 50,000 Stronger

AFSCME is 50,000 Stronger

by Olivia Sandbothe | March 20, 2014

When the going gets tough, AFSCME gets organized. And in the throes of the right wing’s relentless attacks on labor and public service workers, we are organizing like never before with a campaign to grow the union by 50,000 members this summer.

To accomplish this goal, the union is recruiting and will train 800 volunteer member organizers (VMOs) from across the country. The 50,000 new members will come from the ranks of their co-workers who are not now union members.


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Weingarten Rights - Don't Go It Alone -

DON'T GO IT ALONE - The U.S. Supreme Court let stand an appeals court decision that reinforces non-union employees' rights to request that a co-worker accompany them to management interviews that might result in disciplinary action. These are called 'Weingarten' rights, after a 1975 Supreme Court decision that authorized employees to have a union representative present during such interviews. Extending this right can help workers deal with management efforts to ward off organizing campaigns by the use of intimidation.

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Quote of the day: "For a worker to refuse to belong to a union is not to exercise a democratic freedom. It is to accept benefits that others have worked for without contributing to the costs. Democracy flourishes only when freedom is accompanied by responsibility." (Australian Bank Employees Union).

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